Bucket Hats for Babies

Bucket Hats for Babies

Here’s a fact about babies you should know – their skin is very sensitive and vulnerable, which means that keeping it protected is absolutely essential. When it’s warm, though, this is easier said than done because you don’t want that cute baby to be uncomfortable, do you? Using sunscreen isn’t recommended because of the skin’s sensitivity, but you need a way to keep them out of the sun. The solution? Bucket hats for babies!

Why Do You Need a Baby Bucket Hat?

You might think it’s an option to go for a different kind of hat, but what you need is something that isn’t insulated, and instead gives your baby’s head a bit of breathability. This eliminates fleece or fuzzy hats but makes something like a bucket hat for baby made of polyester a great choice. They’re lightweight, they’re comfortable, and here’s a secret piece of information you’ll find out yourself only if you order: kids love them!
They provide a thin layer of protection and a brim that’s enough to keep your child’s scalp, face and neck away from the sun without your baby constantly fighting the urge to take it off. If they’re still doing that, an adjustable drawstring is a great way to make sure they can’t get it off that easily, just make sure it’s not too tight.

How to Choose a Newborn Bucket Hat for Your Baby?

There are a few things that make a difference when you’re looking at bucket hats for babies, so here is a bit of information to make your choice easier (and a bit more personal).

The first thing to look at is size. A two-year-old baby doesn’t wear the same size as kids that are, say, over six months old, and their heads do grow faster than you think. The problem with sizing is that if you get a bucket hat that’s too small, it won’t cover enough of your baby’s head and face. On the other hand, if you get one that’s too big, chances are it’ll cover their eyes, doing more harm than good.

To get the right fit, you can measure your child’s head circumference and see what size you need. In addition, an adjustable drawstring is always a great idea. It will make sure the baby bucket hat stays on even if your baby doesn’t really get along with it, and it allows you to get a better fit, too.

Then, you should look at the material. Polyester is a good choice, because it’s lightweight and breathable, and provides adequate protection from your child. Stay away from thicker materials that will keep your baby too warm, as they aren’t a good idea for the warm summer months and your baby won’t be comfortable.

Last but not least, make it personal. You probably know what your baby’s favorite clothes look like – get them a hat that’s personal to them, with a color you know they’ll like and enjoy wearing. This is something they’ll appreciate when they grow up, especially if you take a lot of photos of them with the hat. It’s an easy way to get them something personal – take advantage of that.

A Wide Selection of Bucket Hats for Babies

Below you will find a wide selection of bucket hats for babies in various colors and with various designs. Pick your favorite and treat that cute baby to a bucket hat that will keep them protected and they’ll love!


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