Our mission is simple: We make every-day staples designed to inspire your child’s imagination.

Our Story

During a particularly cold January in 2017, Alex struggled to find the perfect gift for a recently born nephew, Macklin. Alex and Tom spent an entire day bouncing around Seattle department stores and specialty shops only to be shocked by the lack of fun and functional baby clothing. 

That evening, they decided to take things into their own hands and design their own baby clothing, starting with the Fleece Baby Bear Bunting. Hundreds of thousands of happy customers later, Cuddle Club is one of the fastest growing baby clothing brands in the US and offers over 100 styles of everyday fun-ctional clothing. 

Whether you are a parent shopping for your child or you're looking for a gift, Cuddle Club is here to help bring a bit of extra joy and laughter into your life with our catalog of fun and functional children's clothing.

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